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A little about my "why"

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Hi, and nice to meet you. I am Harley/Harls/Mama Harls whatever you'd like to call me. I'm a first time mama living in beautiful sunny Florida with my son, fiancé, and two pups. Like you, I wanted to find a good resource for the beginning of my journey as a mom. There were so many questions I had. From pregnancy, to post partum, and hey even parenting. Of course I just hoped and prayed as I scoured the internet that I’d find something promising. While there were a lot of great resources, none were fully equipped with everything I wanted to know. So I watched about 100 different youtube videos, hopped from site to site looking at random strangers registries, hoped “what to expect” could explain what I was going through, and thought … THERES GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY.

Turns out, most of the moms I knew were doing the same things! And after I had my son, so many of my close friends, and acquaintances started having babies. I knew I wanted to offer them the knowledge of everything I had learned, but cut out all the extra links/time. Unfortunately, my time to individually engage with close ones grew less and less available. And, as we all know, with a mix of pregnancy brain, PP hormones, and taking care of an infant, it wasn’t as easy as it may have been in the past to relay information. Thus my blog was born! (Enjoy the puns, I will most likely keep them coming every post.).

I’m here to serve, and this blog is started as an intention to help. You, the “first time mom”, or even you, the seasoned mom to see that there’s someone out there who understands you, has the same questions as you, and just plain wants to talk about the things that others don’t mention. I think it is our greatest gift as mothers, and humans to connect, to share space, and allow the those around us to remember that they're not alone. There is so much divine power in unity, and love. So thank you for coming to relate to me, or just stopping by with an open mind. Together we can make mom miracles.

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