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Secrets of Trimesters 1, 2, and 3

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Ah the beauty of pregnancy. We all talk about the “glow”, the morning sickness, and of course those stretch marks. But let’s talk about the things we don’t often mention. Those peculiar symptoms you find yourself googling in the middle of the night. So many of us moms start out our new journey into motherhood knowing little to nothing about what pregnancy will truly feel like. And yes, every woman/body is different. But so many of us are left thinking we’re crazy, wondering how and why our resources didn’t tell us about what’s happening to us. I know I definitely did. These strange symptoms popping up and leaving me wondering…”Could this be from pregnancy?” And the answer was almost always yes.

The first trimester is one most women know as the special time when you feel the worst. But what we aren’t told on sites like “what to expect” or other apps is all of the other interesting/odd symptoms to be expected. For instance, during my pregnancy one of my first signs was a hot flash. Yes, I was sitting in my 75 degree AC blasting living room complaining about the heat. Granted I live in Florida, but I am almost always cold at every time of day. I noticed myself practically sweating as I surveyed the room to see if anyone else could agree. Alas, it was just me. Only a couple weeks pregnant and feeling lots of heat within my body. After looking into it I realized that increased hormones can do this. I also know other moms that have experienced this symptom. No it isn’t could be pregnant. Another few were menstrual type cramps, faintness, and leg cramping. I don’t know about you but I usually sleep pretty soundly once I’m in bed. And I heard this first trimester was all about sleep. I found that leg cramps are very common in the first trimester. Usually due to magnesium or calcium deficiency. Luckily a little magnesium went a long way in my case.

During the second trimester we can taste the sweet bliss of our beautiful baby’s growth. The morning sickness is usually subsided by now(not always), and we have passed through the danger zone. Though this is a time of joy and celebration, but there’s usually a little more to the story. You always brush twice a day, usually floss, and have overall very good dental hygiene. Well, guess what.. your pregnancy might affect your mouth. Even with great dental care, the increased blood flow/ and high capacity of hormones running through your body may keep those gums bleeding every time. My gums were extremely swollen in the second trimester. I often questioned what was wrong with me. As a first time mom I never expected to see pregnancy affecting me here. After asking around I found that almost all the moms I knew experienced the SAME THING! Can you hardly wait to feel your baby kick? Are your relatives asking you over and over if you have yet? Or are people telling you that you’re not showing enough or maybe too much? Well these are other common occurrences in the second trimester. Due to the placement of your placenta, you may not feel kicks until week 25! Can you believe that? Please remember that this is your body, and your journey. You will have your own experience. Your friends may feel their baby earlier than you, or may show faster than you do. But at the end of the day every single pregnancy is different.

The last trimester, a time to prep for baby. Our bodies will be doing a lot of unexpected things during this trimester. Lightning crotch. YES, I said lightning crotch. A sharp pain that shoots through your vagina/ uterus. A common phenomenon when baby starts moving further down to prep for labor. How about acid reflux? Because your organs are squished up like sardines, you can expect lots of this. I had this almost every time I got up and laid down in my last trimester. And again with the naps. Can you believe your very big, almost full human sized baby will make you the MOST tired. We think that naps are for the first trimester, but fear not. The third trimester is the queen of naps. Fear and anxiety. You’re not the only one that feels it. Most of us are so scared, and intimidated for our journey as mother. Especially if it’s your first. Just know that no one has it all figured out, and there are SO many people out there to help you. The moms network is a strong network.

I invite you to consider that just because no one talks about it, doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone experiencing the same thing. All of these things I have mentioned, and more happen DAILY to moms just like you. If you are a mom and you can relate, please share. If you’re a new mom and you feel confused, please share! We are each a piece of the divine journey that is motherhood. When we stand together with understanding and love, we can change the world.

a few more things I personally experienced

1st Trimester

  • migranes

  • smell aversions

  • insomnia

  • diarrhea

  • dry hair

  • major bloat

  • excessive discharge

  • random crying

  • constant peeing

  • spotting

2nd Trimester

  • lots and lots of gas

  • faintness

  • stomach aches

  • garlic aversion

  • heightened irritability

  • charlie horse

  • insatiable HUNGER

3rd Trimester

  • nausea

  • nose bleeds

  • migranes

  • insomnia

  • rhinitis (stuffy/runny nose)

  • mental fog

  • anxiety/depression

  • diaphragm cramps

(A am not a medical professional this was just my personal experience)

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